Session Styles and Locations

studio, in home and outdoor details

My session style is a mix between posed and candid moments. I think it’s important to capture a few classic shots with everyone looking at the camera, grandma will love them! But I’m inspired by the in-between moments  – the way mum gently pushes back a lock of hair that has fallen across her child’s face, or the way the children giggle with mischievous delight. You always want to treasure the way your newborn’s tiny fingers curl around yours.

I want to capture beautiful and artistic images that tells your story, that tells us who you are and what you feel. I aim to capture that one moment in time, the emotion of that moment, the memory and the love, so that when the images are viewed in five years, ten years, or fifty years from now they can take you back in time to those exact moments and feelings.

Studio sessions

My home studio utilises both natural and artificial light and is located in the northern beach suburb of Carine in Perth and is easily accessible from all Perth suburbs. My photography studio is ideal for intimate maternity sessions, posed newborn sessions, sitter baby sessions and first birthday cake smash sessions. The minimalistic white studio allows for classic photos that will stand the test of time. It is perfect for any maternity session in which you desire a private, intimate location to showcase your naked baby bump. My newborn studio sessions are relaxed and are definitely the most posed session I offer. I try to keep the flow very simple though, creating very natural, womb like poses in comfortable positions. Baby studio sessions are relaxed and I follow a loose workflow that is child led. In all cases I love to capture the connection and absolute bottomless love between you, your partner, baby and siblings.

I love to use soft, muted colours in my studio. On occassion I will add in small pops of colour but I don’t like anything to distract from you or your baby so I try to keep things simple and pure. I have a collection of natural, worn style props as well as bonnets, headbands, blankets and wraps. I prefer to keep the focus on my beautiful subjects.

In Home 

“The days are long but the years are short”

Your moments matter. You don’t need to dress up and travel to a location to show how much you love each other.  The things you do every single day are beautiful and beg to be documented too.  The comfort of your home is more than enough.  These sessions are perfect for your family … just as you are.  Whether you are welcoming a new baby to the family, just moved in together and are madly in love or have a family of eight and want to show all of the day-to-day crazy … these are honest, intimate and timeless.

In home sessions are fun, cosy and most definitely candid! If love your home and the memories you have created there, then this session is for you. I aim to capture your family in natural, honest poses in comfortable surroundings.  Being indoors, these sessions work all year round and in any weather which is great. Being so flexible we can photograph whenever fits in with your natural routine. If you want to venture outside after your session for photos, be prepared to shoot late afternoon for the best light. Your home usually reflects your personality so it’s a great place to really capture your family portraits. In most indoor sessions I will work with the master bedroom, living area and  nursery if you have a newborn baby in the family. Every home is different so I’ll work with the spaces that offer a combination of best light and space and sometimes an area you wouldn’t expect will make an awesome backdrop.  

These sessions are documentary in nature, so I encourage clients to consider some easy activities to be photographed during their session: feeding, bath time, cookie baking, bed jumping – anything you usually do that you would love to remember. My only practical request is that you open all your curtains/blinds and remove any unnecessary clutter that you don’t want in your images.

Outdoor Sessions

Outdoor sessions are equally special and just as important as lifestyle sessions.  They are still focused on your moments and connection and the love you have for one another.  These sessions vary slightly however because they give you the opportunity to get out in elements and explore somewhere new (or maybe even familiar but just as fun!)  You are creating memories as we capture them.We dance and play and frolic and tickle.  We nature hunt and pick flowers and maybe even sing a bit.  It’s all a grand adventure.

Location sessions are suited to all the types of portrait photography I offer. The focus is on documenting your child and family exactly as they are at this time, capturing all the feelings.

Unless we are shooting an urban location, I look for natural outdoor spaces that are wide and uninterrupted by traffic, houses & play equipment. I can suggest a range of locations with different feels and colour tones. Some locations are on our door step and some are further away. Just think, it may not be every year you get around to organising portraits so let’s make them count, pick the setting you have always dreamed of. Please have a look through my locations page if you are needing inspiration.  

Your location really plays a huge part in the overall look of your gallery, its important to consider how your images will be used. If they’re to be hung, what is the decor/colour schemes at home? I’m pretty sure someone with a neutral home won’t want a giant green canvas on their wall!

Perth Photography Session Styles

Thank you for being the reason I smile.