Today is going to feel like ancient history this time next year. Whether you are pregnant and awaiting the birth of a first child, the birth of your fifth child or even you child’s high school or “gulp” university graduation, time waits for no one. The traditions and things that matter so much may vary for us all. But please make your legacy tangible. These sessions aren’t just about pretty faces. These images are for you … and your children.

I know that you have come here because you’re a person that believes in the same magic I believe in. I am here for you. These images go well beyond anything money could possibly buy. This is you! It’s the way you embrace your family for all they are. Because of the way they love you. Let’s not forget about all those details we take for granted at times. The freckles on your little girl’s nose. How your little boy’s eyelashes sweep to infinity. Your goosebump covered skin when your husband kisses your forehead. The way your baby fits into the crook of your arm just so.

I want your moments. I don’t only need your smiles. Our session will capture this in a fun, down-to-earth way. Your resulting images are so much more than just photos, they connect you and bring you back to the feeling in that moment. Photographs become family heirlooms that are passed around the lounge-room and become sacred threads in the fabric of your life. Your kids will thank you more for having a session with me.

I know we live in a digital era and everyone wants to keep their digital files. I believe that you should be able to print and share your images as many times as you’d like, and that’s why every session includes your choice of digital files with a print release.

But please remember to print your photos. Why go to all the effort of getting professional photos taken to then forget about them as they are only on a USB that you have misplaced? It warms my heart to know that some of your favourites have made it onto a wall or in an album. I have some exquisite printed products for you to look at in the above link if you need any inspiration.

You do not need to purchase the entire package at once.  There are payment plans available and you can pay onto your invoice at any time.  Only the booking fee of $200 is due upfront to secure the date.  So if you are drawn to my style of imagery, click on one of my session types above to find out more. Let us create some lasting memories together.

Portrait Photography Pricing Perth

You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest and most beautiful person I have ever known - and even that is an understatement.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald-