What to Expect from Posed Newborn Sessions

I adore brand new babies – their smell, fuzzy hair, soft skin, teeny tiny fingers and toes. So naturally I love newborn photography! This beautiful stage in your new baby’s life is fleeting and an important time to capture. My posed newborn sessions are always a hit with new parents. They involve patiently waiting for baby to fall asleep, then gently posing them on a soft beanbag to look like a little doll. Working with minimal props, I intend to create clean, timeless imagery. Typically these portrait sessions feature neutral tones and focus heavily on the connection between subjects and all the details that make this time and your little one so precious. I include a mixture of lifestyle and womb like posing to ensure no details are missed. All sessions include parent shots, sibling shots where applicable and of course baby portraiture.

These sweet images will melt hearts for years to come but they are not easy to get. A posed session may take up to four hours (entirely depending on your baby), and must be done in a heated room (around 28 degrees!). This allows plenty of time for feeds, settling, nappy changes and importantly lots of comforting hugs. I start shooting newborn sessions at 10am as I find most babies most relaxed then. Knowing your little ones sleep schedule is key to a successful session. And a big feed just before we start helps. Once they have a full belly and are kept warm, we should start to see them relax.

I have found the first two weeks after birth to be the best time for these photos. After this your little one starts to wake up and explore the world around them and it’s just a little more difficult getting them into that beautiful relaxed sleepy state. However, it is never too late to capture your little one – so ask me for more info about sessions for older babies. As previously mentioned, I encourage photographs of your newborn with older siblings and as a family – these images are most parents favourites. Just remember we need two adults present if you have siblings coming to the shoot so they can keep them occupied when they are not being photographed. So you don’t miss out on this two week period, it is best to book whilst you are still pregnant so that I can put aside a few dates around the time you are due, and then confirm when bub is born.

Jessica Lockhart Perth Newborn Photography

What to Expect from Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

For those with a fussy baby or for couples wanting more candid, whole family images, a lifestyle session might just be the perfect thing. Lifestyle sessions are photoshoots that capture your new bundle of joy in natural poses and in a natural setting. Popular choices for lifestyle images include baby held in daddy’s arms; mum, dad and baby together, photos with the family pet and/or siblings and larger group shots. Lifestyle images are taken with natural light, generally in a number of rooms around your house with lots of light flooding through the windows.

A lifetsyle session is casual, relaxed and quick – taking no more than two hours. My goal as your photographer is not only to lightly pose and give direction, but also to capture natural portraits of you all. This is a time to reflect on the true, untouched, onposed expression of the baby as themselves.  The little things that shape and mould them into whom they will become as a person are special and unique to each baby. In saying that, I’ll work with you and your baby to book a time that works for everyone.  Lifestyle sessions can be taken with babies of any age.

Jessica Lockhart Perth Newborn Photography

What to Wear

Wear cool and comfortable clothing, as the studio will be nice and warm to keep baby happy. Delicate, pastel tones set the perfect scene for your newest family member. Think pale greys and blues, or the softest shades of pink and blush. White always looks clean and crisp. Skin to skin contact also creates beautiful images. It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes in case of any accidents.

Dads – I ask you to bring a tight fitting neutral t-shirt to wear with a pair of jeans or pants. Avoid any logos or strong colours.

Mums – I recommend a simple top keeping the colour neutral and design simple, delicate textures acompany the pastel tones well. I aim to photograph using flattering angles and light to bring out the natural beauty in your family.

Siblings – Including any older siblings in your newborn’s portraits is the perfect way to document this fleeting time in your lives. All the kids captured together is always a hit with parents and other family members.

Sisters – Please bring along a snug fitting top in a neutral colour or a dress. I ask that the girls hair be as natural as possible without too many distractions.

Brothers – A simple pair of shorts/jeans and either shirtless or a snug t-shirt with no logos also works well.

What to Bring

If you are comfortable using dummies for your newborn, they are a great help in settling your baby. Even if you aren’t planning to use a dummy, think about bringing one. The short amount of time we will be using one should not effect any habit-forming behaviours for your baby. My goal is to help your baby remain happy and calm during their session.

Whether you are nursing or bottle feeding, having extra bottles and/or milk is suggested. Some babies tend to eat more than usual during their photos sessions. It’s best to be prepared!  And importantly bring snacks and water for yourselves as well – breast feeding mums can be very hungry and thirsty, as well as the bored siblings.  With the extra feeds during the session you will need to bring extra nappies.

If you have any heirloom nursery items you would like photographed please feel free to bring it along – a special toy, rattle, knitted blanket … these are all things that help create the story of your baby’s first few days of life.

As for clothing, I will be generally photographing baby unclothed. Part of the experience in capturing a newborn session is seeing the squishy little toes and cute tiny bums. I do have a selection of headbands, beanies and other hand made outfits which are ideal for newborn photography. These are actually made for tiny babies – you will find that most of your babies clothes in the first weeks will be quite large and swamps baby.

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