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Perth Child Fine Art Photographer

Perth Child Fine Art Photographer – I like how that sounds!  Despite the fact that I do love this pram, I am trying to destash the things that I really don’t use very often from my studio.  This has been on the list for a while.  However, I have deliberately held onto it waiting for Cove to be able to sit on his own.  I have wanted to photograph him in it surrounded by his sisters.

This weekend just passed the girls were invited to a birthday party.  After two weeks of swimming lessons I had a reason to wash their hair – all at the same time.  After the party they were ready for a swim but after all my “efforts” I was not letting them get away.  So I threw this set together very quickly.  I would have loved a variety of dark dresses (to make it a bit more masculine) but these lovely Hubble and Duke dresses was all I had.  And I have just two so a composite it had to be.

Considering safety, I think this was actually the best approach.  I photographed the two eldest with the pram and then got my little girl with her baby brother.  My husband was spotting as Rosie is a little wild now.  It was really a quick shoot as they don’t love me with my camera out any more but I am really happy with how it turned out.  I feel that fine art portraits will have to become my thing.

Perth Child Fine Art Photographer

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