Whether it’s your first or fourth, pregnancy is a fleeting time in your life. Your body is transformed in beautiful ways to reflect the new life growing within. You are becoming a mother. Some may think they don’t want to capture this moment in time, but this is a period in your life you will treasure forever. You’ll always remember hearing your baby’s first heartbeat, the first kick, or their tiny little hiccups. But will you remember the beautiful baby bump or how gorgeous you looked? Maternity photographs are personal and document the change in your body.

Maternity photographs quickly become treasured family heirlooms. I work with each client individually to create an unforgettable experience documenting a very special time in their lives. I believe baby bellies are beautiful and something to celebrate, commemorate and share with your little ones as they grow older.


You may choose to have your maternity session as just the two of us – a private, intimate affair; or we can include dad, siblings and close family members. This is your day, your session. You get to decide how you’d like it be! I like to book in my maternity sessions at about 7-8 months into the pregnancy for full round bellies, but hopefully not the discomfort of late pregnancy! Expect our time together to last about one hour.  You are welcome to bring any baby items your may want photographed like booties, blankets or outfits. And of course, practically don’t forget water, a snack for you and the kids, extra makeup for touch-ups and an optional change of clothes.

Whether it’s in my studio, in your home, or somewhere in between, the location of your photoshoot sets the mood and tone for the images. Some women are more comfortable taking photos in a home setting, while others prefer a beautiful park or field of flowers. And there is others still who prefer to strip down. I am willing to travel to locations around the area, or to your home, depending on what you decide. I also have a trove of my favourite local photo spots. If you don’t know what you want, just ask – I am always happy to make recommendations!

What to Wear

From my experience, this will get the best results from your maternity session; try for solids – either bright colours or muted tones can look amazing depending on the location. Typically I’d go for the muted tones indoors and brighter colours outdoors, but vice versa can still create lovely results. Choose clothing that is slightly clingy and stretchy to show off your form – I love maxi dresses that cling to your bump. Wraps, textured scarves and hats can create a whimsicle, artistic look. Another great look is stretchy jeans or pants, dark colours in this case are always slimming. I also have a small collection of sheer fabrics, tops and dresses that look wonderful on pregnant bodies.

What I don’t recommend is multicoloured fabrics, with over the top patterns.  This can distract from your bump and face and can also date very quickly. You should also avoid baggy clothing that hangs too loosely – we’ll lose the shape of your beautiful belly.  Watches and big chunky jewellery (except wedding/engagement rings or heirloom peices) are generally distracting from the overall picture. And lastly, if you are planning to get semi naked, please avoid wearing tight undergarments that will leave red marks on your skin.

A quick reminder is also to dress and style daddy and other children if they are coming along to be photographed in your session in similar tones to you.  It is important that you dress like you – be comfortable in what you are wearing and don’t forget to dress for the weather – blue shivering lips won’t photograph well! Always remember that if you aren’t comfortable it will show in your portraits.

Perth Maternity Photography

Perth Maternity Photography

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