Cake Smash


There are so many wonderful ways to document your little one’s first birthday. From a romp in the local park at sunset to the toyroom in the comfort of your own home, one year sessions are a blast. My most popular choice for first birthdays is the cake smash photographs, where your child gets to try cake for the first time. These sessions generally result in an irrestistably adorable blend of happy baby, frosting, and cake crumbs flying everywhere – especially onto their faces! If your baby has dietary restrictions fear not – successful cake smashes have been carried out with everything from frozen yoghurt to homemade sugar-free cupcakes, or even non food items like paint. I look forward to planning a smashingly awesome one year session with you and your family.

A cake smash session normally takes no more than one hour. We put your child in front of the cake and let them destroy it! But before that I am happy to get some clean portraits of your baby and also a few pictures with the party decorations before the cake is put down. I can also create for you the first birthday milestone chalk board image as part of this session.

I do not include the cake or decorations as there are so many colour combinations out there so I find it best that you do it so that you get exactly what you want. Also considering all the allergies our children are now suffering I would rather keep things safe and have you organise the cake.  I have a number of backdrop combinations to individualise your shoot – I have included a sample of each of these below so that you can take these into consideration when planning your outfits. You’ll notice from my gallery that once photographed and edited the backdrops appear a lot more subdued.

During a cake smash session, icing goes everywhere so I think it looks best when your child is semi naked.  Girls look great in bloomers, tutus and lacey rompers. The boys are handsome in colourful nappy covers, fun onesies and accessories like bow ties and suspenders.

Does your baby just love bath time? Why not add a cleaning up bubble bath after they have been smeared with cake and icing. Most children love splashing in the warm water and makes for another series of adorable photos.

Perth Cake Smash Photography

A whole year more incrediblerer!