I love everything about squishy little babies. They are so honest and pure – my aim during all baby sessions is to connect with these qualities. Due to their unique personalities I am totally baby-led during my sessions. Your baby is my guide. A session is more than simply taking photos of what I see. I want to create beautiful images from what I feel.

At around five months they are full of smiles, grabbing at toys, dribbling and sucking on those fingers and toes. We get great eye contact when we sing silly songs and they are propped up on their elbows.

By nine months babies are exciting, lively and fun. Your bundle of joy is probably the centre of attention at almost any gathering, rolling around the play area and cooing to admiring onlookers. By now most babies have learnt to sit which is my favourite time to capture them. As they are all such individual little beings, I like your baby to direct me in their session. Your baby is my guide.

A baby session takes one hour at the very most, your little loves don’t have the greatest attention span at this age so we want to be quick and capture pictures when they are happy and still excited by their new surroundings of my studio.

I prefer not to clutter baby sessions with accessories, keeping styling minimilistic so that your baby remains our main focus. My clothing suggestions for older babies remains simplistic – a bare bum is my favourite.  But I do suggest we start out with your choice of outfit. I prefer soft, comfortable clothing made of natural fabrics in delicate pastel colours.  Picture pale greys and blues, or the softests pinks and blush colours. I know babies at this age are growing so rapidly but for their session please make sure your babies clothes fit. Too baggy or too small clothing will look even more so on camera.

I’ll work with you and your baby’s schedule to book a time that works for everyone. It is best to book your session straight after a morning nap as I find most babies at their best at this time.

If you have an heirloom nursery item you would like photographed please feel free to bring it along – a special toy, rattle, knitted blanket … these are all things that help create the story of your baby’s life.

Jessica Lockhart Perth Baby Photographer

Perth Baby Photographer

For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you.