Days of Summer Family Photo Project | January 1 – 8

Hello and yay to 2019 and my yearly project of documenting the summers with my children. This is the sixth year that I have done this and I plan to continue until my last child won’t let me take photos anymore! So welcome back if you have been here before and for those new to this, sit back and please enjoy a daily dose of my children xxx

Summer Family Photo Project

1 January 2019 | 5:40 pm
This is the beginning of the end, the last child has been born and welcomed into our family. It is now a countdown until they don’t want to spend their summers with us anymore. What is it they say, you have 18 summers with your children? I plan on enjoying every moment of them. The first day of 2019 has been glorious and we more or less did not leave the water all day.

Summer Family Photo Project

2 January 2019 | 6:41 pm
I know all babies thrive on routine but my girls were able to be a bit flexible without reacting too badly. But not this Mr. He grissles as I get dinner ready for everyone which is the worst part of the night. Then he and I go and snuggle in the bath before he’s put into his jammies, sleeping bag, and then he is fed to sleep. Same thing every night. The only times he tolerates a change is if we are outdoors and he has lots of new, interesting things to look at.

Summer Family Photo Project

3 January 2019 | 11:49 am
With Rosie (Miss 2.5 year old) in daycare, I desperately wanted to take my big girls to see Mary Poppins as I loved the original so much. But Dahlia flat out said no so it was a date with my biggest and littlest today. I loved the movie and Cove slept through most of it which is pretty impressive I must say!

Summer Family Photo Project 4 January 2019 | 11:27 am
I had grand plans to take all the children out on an adventure today (so that daddy could make reno noise), but I woke at 4:30am to gurgling in my stomach. Let’s just say I didn’t leave house. On a positive note, Cove is nearly sitting and we had plenty of time to practice his skills.
Summer Family Photo Project

5 January 2019 | 5:31 pm
I know I am biased, but this girl of mine keeps just getting more gorgeous every day – both inside and out.

Summer Family Photo Project

6 January 2019 | 10:31 am
When it is a stinking hot summers day you have icey poles in the morning.

Summer Family Photo Project

7 January 2019 | 4:43 pm
Busy summer days means we are having a lot of late afternoon naps in this house! Little Rosie wakes up a bit distressed until she looks for her sisters and then all is good again.

Summer Family Photo Project

8 January 2019 | 12:47 pm
We came to see the mermaids, Nemo and Dory and all the other magical creatures under the sea. The girls and even Cove were mesmerised. Perhaps Violet will want to be a mermaid policewoman again when she grows up!!



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