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I have been saying on my Facebook page that maternity sessions are one of the least popular sessions I book.  I do understand that a lot of women aren’t feeling their best when pregnant, but it is such a fleeting and beautiful time that I think shouldn’t be forgotten.  You most likely won’t want a blown up portrait hanging at your front door but these photos become a treasured heirloom for your child and yourself as they grow.  I have printed an album, as well as a weekly pregnancy diary, for all my children.

So in this post I have included my studio photos, which I dress a bit more intimately for.  Half I took myself with a remote and tripod, and the others my husband pressed the shutter and my assistant Violet (my oldest daughter) helped flick some fabric!

Jessica Lockhart Maternity PhotographyJessica Lockhart Maternity PhotographyJessica Lockhart PhotographyJessica Lockhart PhotographyJessica Lockhart Maternity PhotographyJessica Lockhart Photography

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